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The Buyer Attendance of the 122nd Canton Fair is Expected to Realize a Steady Year-on-year Growth

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At the opening press conference of the 122nd Canton Fair on Oct.14, Mr. Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre, estimated that the 122nd Canton Fair will welcome buyers from over 210 countries and regions, and the buyer attendance will realize a steady growth year-on-year.

Xu Bing introduced that, Canton Fair is an important platform to promote foreign trade in China, and it is also a barometer and vane of China’s foreign trade. Since this year, the global economy has shown positive momentum. The market confidence has been boosted and global trade recovered. The declining trend of China’s foreign trade in last two years has been curbed and a steady growth momentum consolidated. All these favorable factors give us the foundation for our estimation of buyer attendance.

Xu Bing has pointed out that, we also face many unfavorable conditions. First, the international market remains unstable and uncertain. “Anti-globalization” trend and trade protectionism are gaining ground, and deep-rooted global economic structural problems remain unsolved. With unstable political and economic factors, the foundation of recovery is very fragile. Second, the competition of international market has become fiercer. The global industrial structure is undergoing a round of profound reform. The manufacturing industry is recovering in developed countries, while the mid- and low-end manufacturing industry is on the rise in emerging economies. Therefore China’s export faces dual pressure.

Xu Bing introduced that, faced with complex domestic and overseas economic climate, we have kept on reform and innovation, improved the Canton Fair’s quality and attraction to overseas buyers. Besides, we have innovated methods of promotion and doubled our efforts to promote the Fair and attract quality buyers to source by targeted marketing via the Internet, big data and new media. According to our statistics, the numbers of invitation application, pre-registration, hotline calls, hotel reservation have increased compared with last year.

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