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3rd Party Inspection

Veritell, quality assurance from Order to Shipment

Veritell is a leading inspection services provider registered in Beijing of China since 2007, certified by ISO9001.
As an independent third-party inspection company, Veritell is providing ispection services in nationwide of China and Asia areas. Nowadays, Veritell has a sound inspection network covering most coastal areas of China. Our  inspectors are well trained, reliable and experienced in inspecting a wide product range.

At present, we are providing inspection services as below:

  1. PSI – Pre-Shipment Inspection
  2. CLI – Container Loading Inspection
  3. PPI – Pre-Production Inspection
  4. DPI – During Production Inspection
  5. PPM – Production Process Monitering
  6. Other Quality Supports

Besides above inspection services, Veritell also provides buyers with supplier evaluation services and laboratory testing services, and other quality supports according to customers special requirements.

Trust yourself, Trust Veritell. Veritell provide ONE-STOP Quality Assurance from Order to Shipment.

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