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The “Exhibitors & Products” Inquiry System |A Place for Potential Partners and Smooth Business

Business is akin to a battlefield, which holds water in all eras, especially in today’s competitive society. All walks of life share the same goal of becoming a powerful industry leader. Those who come from afar for a smooth and successful business need friends in different sectors that complement each other, share resources and strengthen cooperation for a win-win outcome.

The exhibitors and buyers in Canton Fair are born to be partners for trade! Market demand resembles army provision in the battlefield where exhibitors and buyers are well-equipped for potential partners and fierce competition.

The “Exhibitors & Products” Inquiry System helps you find your partners.


Since the 120th session, the “Exhibitors & Products” Inquiry System has been improved by introducing new features to attract buyers’ attention. At present, visitors from more than 221 countries or regions have followed the exhibiting companies and products of Canton Fair through this system, which has achieved multi-platform browsing with a cumulative clicks and inquiry number exceeding 34.647 million times.

Preparations Should Be Made in Advance

The statistics revealed that nearly 70% of the system inquiries were made before the opening of the Canton Fair. There was an online preview about exhibitors and products in order to take business opportunities.

We conducted a survey on buyers and exhibitors and found that:

▲Buyers would generally log in the system to search for products before the Canton Fair kicked off. After information research and data collection on their target products, they would begin their sourcing with clear target and purpose.

Among those prepared buyers, American buyers topped the list in inquiry system, followed by buyers from China Taiwan, India, Canada, Hong Kong SAR, Australia, Russia, Thailand, Brazil, and Argentina.

Top 10 Countries and Regions of the Inquiry System in the 122nd Canton Fair




the US


China Taiwan






Hong Kong SAR












▲Exhibitors would upload their products online one month before the opening of the Canton Fair. The “Exhibitors & Products” Inquiry System has a function to protect new products. In product registration, exhibitors can switch the release state of key product information via publish option, which is a good way to effectively protect intellectual property rights and enables more exhibitors to upload their latest products.

Diversified Content and Quality Products

Based on its extensive information, the official website of Canton Fair has now displayed nearly 25,000 exhibiting companies and products covering 51 exhibition sections with 16 categories. The multiple smart search is capable of meeting the diversified needs of sourcing.

The system not only provides diversified categories covering a wide range of products, but also selected columns for exhibitors to quickly identify the quality companies and products. There are a total of 10,510 new products in this session and the inquiries accounts for 8.98% of the total product inquiries. On average, each product is searched 15 times; higher than the average page view of 10 times among all products;

There are 256 products winning the CF Awards with a total volume of system inquiries reaching 51,896 times, which is equivalent to an average volume of 203 times for every award-winning product.

The “Exhibitors & Products” Inquiry System continues to enrich its content, on which to base its innovation and effort to provide abundant and latest information about companies and products.

Mobile Access for You to Take Business Opportunities

With the popularization of mobile intelligent terminal around the world, the proportion of Canton Fair exhibitors’ using mobile intelligent terminal is increasing. As of the 122nd session, the proportion of mobile-end user page view has reached 27.43%, which is greatly higher than the 8.4% of the 116th session.

The Canton Fair’s personalized service extends across space and time via the mobile terminal, making mobile visit linkage possible and improving trade efficiency.

Easy Access via Different Kinds of Channels!

1. To visit the official website of the “Exhibitors & Products” Inquiry System at

2. To follow the WeChat Official Account of Canton Fair (this WeChat official account) and click on the “common service” in the menu and then select “exhibitors & products”.

3. To download the Canton Fair mobile app and select “exhibitors” in the menu.

4. Information station: At the entrance and main passageway, there are computers available for buyers to use. Buyers just swipe their entry badge over the card reader, then they can log in the “Exhibitors & Products” Inquiry System.

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