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Daily Routine and Quality Control Checklists

By Philip Beyer

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What if your printing company had a special toolthat could put every one of your employees on the same page, out of the gate? What if even new hires could be up to speed in a matter of days – not months, weeks or exhausting years?

That is exactly what happens, using Daily Routine Checklists and other Quality Control Checklists!

Control Checklists list everything an employee does in a typical day in order of normal performance. Nothing forgotten or handled mistakenly – nothing left to chance!

A New Hire’s Typical Orientation

When a person is hired for a specific job, they are generally given a printed job description to go by – also a work area, maybe a desk/computer/phone, etc. Then an “older” staff member may give them a tour of the business. Typically, “This is Jane, the receptionist … here’s the accounting/sales/production/or other areas. There’s the lunch room and, of course, the bathrooms. Be sure to punch your time card in and out each day! If you need help, just ask anyone. Welcome to the business! Have a good day …”

Hopefully, someone will give the new hire at least a week of hands-on training before retiring the job. However, one or even two weeks of training hardly scratches the surface of the experience gleaned by the one leaving the company.

What is Wrong with That Picture?

A printed job description is short on, or totally devoid of, information about the details of processes, policies, protocol or who else does what. The real how, what, who, when and why, comes after weeks or months of trial and error – and, yes, a lot of interrupting others’ jobs to ask questions.

But, what if a new hire had all that information up front, at their fingertips?

What if, instead of a list of tasks, the new hire receives a Daily Routine Checklistthat not only lists tasks, but also allows instant, online access to procedures and policies for accomplishing those tasks?

Every job on planet earth has thousands of steps to remember each day – and most people work for years, doing all those steps by memory. Most New Hires look at the “expert” at the next desk or work station and wonder when they’ll know all he or she knows.

However, the “expert” may be ten years younger than they look – frazzled, from too many years of hit and miss memory work – that could have been avoided, using good systems!

Some Important Background

In 1993, we began building the manual systems to drive our company. We then compiled all those written procedures, for every area of our printing business, into a detailed Operations Manual. Subsequently, we built interactive software that would include all those features for organizing a printing company. Also included were templates for daily routine and quality control checklists, procedures, and policies, etc. All under one roof!

The software was so effective, and ran our business in such a powerful way, that I no longer had to be there all the time and our waste ratio dropped from more than 7%, to a consistent 1.5-2%.

My book – “System Busters: How To Stop Them In Your Business” – explains how to build systems, whereby small business owners can build the systems themselves. However, building from scratch is very time-consuming. That’s what we did – so others don’t have to! Yes, we developed our software with all of the online documents available to other printing companies – so you don’t have to!

It’s not easy to turnkey a printing company, that’s why I share with those who will listen – so you don’t have to start from scratch! We’ve already done the leg work – hope that’s clear!

We spent thousands of hours over ten years, pouring over every detail, until totally-systemizing all processes, for all departments and positions. As a result, each system interacted with every other system, so an employee’s job became easier to manage. Consequently, the entire operation became easier, less stressful and more efficient. Also, less costly. It still works that way!

Every ‘Small’ Task Assigned to Somebody

Before totally systemizing our printing company years ago, I found myself constantly asking such frustrating questions as …

  • “Why did we waste thousands of sheets of the wrong paper?”
  • “How did we use the wrong ink on that job?”
  • “Didn’t anyone read the job order?”
  • “Why didn’t someone order the spare part for that machine before it broke down?”
  • “How did so many employees take vacation in the same week – now, there’s not enough here to do a big job?”

Maybe you can relate? Okay, here are more recurring questions that came up…

  • “Who left the lights or A/C on, when they left?”
  • “Who forgot to lock the front door and turn on the alarm system?”
  • “Why wasn’t the company van gassed up?”
  • “Why weren’t the supplies ordered for today’s job?”
  • (And the big one!) “Who used the last of the toilet paper, or towels?” or …

Well, you name it. We had so many frustrations and lost revenue, due to mindless errors – until we learned a better way!

Here’s The Solution

By assigning every task, even the smallest ones, to a specific employee’s Daily Routine Checklist, nothing is forgotten or gets lost. Big tasks, or small ones, accomplished without intervention by management and stress – all due to a simple control checklist!

It took our staff, me in the lead, ten years to build this “mousetrap” – so now you have options:

OPTION 1 – You can learn much by reading my book, to systemize your company. Thereafter, you can take ten years of your life building the systems, your “mousetrap,” for your company. Or …

OPTION 2 – You can implement the online systems we developed during our ten years of building and tweaking – and hit the ground running! We’ve already done the leg work! Done.

DOWNLOAD a couple of FREE Prepress checklists to use as templates by clicking on the graphic above. Note: Both FREE documents are on the same PDF.

Just these two documents represent hours of revisions, to reduce waste to almost zero in prepress.

These checklists represent all the steps your prepress is already doing – by memory! Checking off the steps, after completion of prompts, guarantees that nothing is forgotten!

Imagine every key position and major process in your company using these type of controls. It separates good from great!

Download now – it’s a beginning for your company’s new order and it’s FREE!

Did I mention? Great Systems Work!

Philip Beyer
Philip Beyer, founder/president of Ebiz Products LLC and founder of Beyer Printing Inc. in Nashville Tenn., is a chronic entrepreneur, business systems analyst and consultant. Author of “System Busters: How to Stop Them in Your Business” and recipient of an InterTech Technology Award for the design and development of System100 business process management software. Beyer speaks to business owners across the country on how to bring lean, sustainable order to their businesses. Contact him at (615) 425-2652.

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